Are you ready

to come back
to yourself?

Hi lovely soul


Welcome to this loving space, where ALL of 'you' is welcome.

Chances are if you got to this place, something called you here...


Do you feel a longing and desire to:

Deeply reconnect to your true self, your heart and its desires?

Cultivate a loving & lasting connection with yourself and others?

Live a joyful and meaningful life from your heart?

 A yearning for connection, (self-) love, inner peace, clarity,  and/or purpose?


​Then you came to the right place!

Ambassador de Amor will take you on a deep journey within, to your true self, to who you were born to be and what you were brought to do on this planet.


Connected to your heart. Guided through the process, step by step… From my heart to yours.

Sending you love,


What I offer

From my heart to yours

Personal guidance

Through personal guidance programs of several months, I guide you to (re-) connect to your true self & your heart and live a more joyful & meaningful heart-centered life.


Disconnect from the outside world to reconnect to your inside world during a nurturing weekend retreat where you will be held and cared for from start to end, nurturing your body, heart and soul.

Mindful yoga

Through mindful yoga I invite you to (re-) connect to your body and the wisdom of your body in a safe space where all of you is welcome. What does your body want to tell you? Let's find out together!

Energy healing

Energy healing helps to remove blocks or physical, emotional and mental suffering, so you can feel more happy, balanced, & joyful. The best part? You don't have to do anything!

A word about Ambassador de Amor


Ambassador de Amor was born in Latin America, where I travelled solo for several months in 2018. This solo travel experience truly opened my heart and inspired me to guide others to open their hearts too.

Ambassador de Amor's mission is to create a worldwide web of Ambassadors de Amor. 'Ambassadors de Amor' are people who are deeply connected to their own hearts and guide other people to connect to theirs. 



Because the world needs more love and connection, now more than ever… and to be more connected to each other and the external world it is crucial to first be connected to your internal world and your own heart.

That's where Ambassador de Amor steps in, guiding people to (re-) connect to their own hearts.

"Because everything that comes from the heart is pure and divine and the more people are connected to it, the more the world becomes a loving and magical place."


Meet Charlotte


Charlotte is the founder of Ambassador de Amor and she is passionate about love & connection. We're not talking about the romantic kind of love that most people think of when they hear the word 'love', but the universal kind of love.

The kind of love that you can feel by looking at a beautiful flower, a breath taking view, a random person smiling on the street or

caressing your favorite animal. The kind of love that fills your body and  heart with warmth and tenderness and THAT is her mission on this planet.

Planting seeds of love by reconnecting as much as people as possible to this place within themselves, to their hearts. Making the world a more loving and connected place, step by step, heart by heart.

What my clients are saying

Charlotte taught me to listen to my heart, something that was very unknown to me. When making choices, both big and small, I now have the feeling that I can find the answer within myself. This gives me confidence and less need for external confirmation. I am very grateful for the tools that I received and that I will be able to use throughout my life. Charlotte is a very nice guide, who always listened and gave me adapted exercises to how I felt."


Through working with Charlotte I have learned to connect with myself and to trust what I feel. I started thinking about who I am and what I find important.

Charlotte sensed my needs very well, a very nice feeling.
I recommend her because:
she teaches you to connect with yourself,
you learn to know what feels good for you and you learn to trust this feeling and to do something with it. (Without advice from others, just your own feeling, what an evolution!)


Working with Charlotte felt extremely natural. Charlotte is warm and welcoming and her guidance helped me with what I needed the most: reconnecting with my heart, falling in love with myself and retrieving my self-confidence."